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CAUTION:  Monitor your dog to ensure all treats are adequately chewed.   Lack of chewing before swallowing any item can be harmful or even fatal to a dog.  Always supervise your pet while they are playing with toys or enjoying pet treats. 


Big Bark Steer Stick Dog Chews
Beef Pizzle Dog Chews
Made in the USA


Sulley is hard at work.
These beef dog chews are an in
house favorite.

Currently Sold Out ~ Please email us for availability

A great economical and satisfying dog chew.   The are similar to a bully stick but smaller in size.  These beef steer sticks are a great dog treat for small and older dogs. 

50 Count - $45.00
100 Count - $56.00
Ingredients: USA Beef Dried Pizzle (Steer). 

Important Note:  These dog chew treats are all natural and do not contain any  added preservatives.  It is recommended that you store your them in the freezer or refrigerator so they remain sanitary and fresh.  Dogs also love a cool dog chew. 

Sample Dog Chews Steer Sticks
Also called Beef Sticks they
are similar to a bully stick


USA Natural Dog Bones & Treats
USDA Approved


Precautionary Notes About Dog Bones:  Great care must be taken when giving bones to dogs, always supervise as bones can crack and splinter.  Dogs that are aggressive chewers  should never be given bones.  Make sure you choose the right type of bone based on the size of your dog.  When receiving a new bone inspect it carefully and remove sharp and jagged edges.  We take great care in providing the best USDA approved bones possible. 


Hollow Smoked Center Dog Bone
Dog Chew Treat Bone
3" $2.75 or 6" $3.75

Rodeo sun bathing with his mammoth bone.

Cow Hooves
Dog Chew Treat Bone
$1.50 Each

For a fun treat dogs love a small thinly placed taste of Peanut Butter or Kong Stuff N' Paste added in the center.  Slowly smoked to capture the best in flavor satisfaction. Promotes healthy teeth and gums.

Cow Hooves are always a favorite and long lasting treat.  A god source of natural protein.  Processed to preserve their natural form and texture. 


Beefy Caps Dog Bone
Dog Chew Treat Bone

White Knuckle Dog Bone Large
Dog Chew Treat Bone

Smoked Mammoth Dog Bone
Dog Chew Treat Bone

Beefy Caps are a bone that runs on the small size, average size is 3.5 inches tall,  2.75 inches wide and 2 inches thick.  Good only for very small breeds. Average size approx. 7" wide by 6 inches tall with some variance in size.  Hours of chewing pleasure.  White knuckles bones are cleaner than smoked or natural and can usually be eaten inside. A meaty beef femur averaging 14 to 16 inches long. These bones are smoked to perfection, very large and a great quality. Recommended as an outside treat. 


Treatco Lamb Trotters
Dog Chew Treat Bone
5" to 7" - $2.25

A good treat for kids those on a lamb diet or with sensitivities to beef.  All natural and USDA approved.


Canine Cattle Company High Quality
Chips Dog Treats and Chews


It can be a challenge to find a thicker style rawhide chip that are long lasting and that dogs really enjoy.   These are NOT thin flip chips, they are on the thick side but also great for smaller dogs too.

Large 24 oz. Bag Premium Rawhide
Dog Chew Flip Chips
Chicken Rawhide Chips  - $8.00

Maui lazing in the garden with her chip

Large 24 oz. Bag Premium Rawhide
Dog Chew Flip Chips
Rawhide Chips - $8.00


USA Rawhide Dog Bones
Premium Quality Dog Chews


Our knotted  rawhide bones are made from natural cowhides and processed into a fun treat for your dog.   Our quality rawhide dog bones are made from 100% USA beef hides.
6 to 7" Peanut Butter Dog Bones

6 to 7" Vanilla Dog Bones


6 to 7" Natural Dog Bones

4 - 5" Natural Bone Dog Bones



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